You've spent years saving for retirement. Now is the time to protect your savings from inevitable healthcare expenses. Doing this will require making informed decisions about Medicare and other insurance options that will have a dramatic impact on your life for years to come. American Republic Insurance Services can help you make the right decisions. Working together with an insurance specialist, you will tailor a life and health insurance program to help protect your assets.

The Balancing Act, has added two more airing dates for the segment featuring American Republic Insurance Services. The segment previously aired on Thursday, June 19th and 26th but can be seen again on Thursday, July 15th and 22nd at 7 a.m. ET/PT.

Missed the original airing but don’t want to wait to see it until next? You’re in luck. You can view the video on The Balancing Act’s website, Click on ‘What You Missed located beneath the skyline graphic. Use the slider in the video window to locate our episode.

Find a Representative
in your community
Be Informed
Be Informed.
Meet with someone who is a specialist on the complexities of Medicare and other insurance options.
Be Smart
Be Smart.
Understand the financial risks you face as a retiree.
Be Secure
Be Secure.
Identify the product solutions that can help enhance your financial security.

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