A No-Cost Option Is Not Always The Right Decision

A No-Cost Option Is Not Always The Right Decision

Like a lot of people their age, an Iowa couple had their fair share of doctor's visits. Their Medicare supplement plan paid all the bills and they each paid a little over $150 a month for the coverage. But when they were approached about a Medicare Advantage plan, that did not have a monthly fee, they jumped at the opportunity to save money.

What they did not realize was, that as a couple, the new plan would cost them nearly $10,000 a year in co-pays and co-insurance, plus additional out-of-pocket costs for some of their prescriptions!

Your American Republic Insurance Services representative will clearly explain the options based on your unique needs. They will also help you understand financial implications of the decisions you make.

As recalled by Joe and Ruthanne Heintz of West Des Moines, IA

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