You Get A Good Feeling Knowing You Made The Right Decision

A retiree in Kansas expected his insurance agent to mail the health insurance policy he recently purchased. He was pleasantly surprised when his American Republic Insurance Services representative scheduled an appointment to deliver the policy.

During that meeting, the representative reviewed the details of the policy which reassured the retiree that the decisions he made would help protect his retirement savings. The representative also suggested some coverages that would be of value as the retiree's needs change.

Before he left, the representative pointed out that this would not be the last visit. He stressed how he lived in the community and was available any time to answer questions. Having access to a person, rather than an 800-number, strengthened the retiree's belief that he made the right decision in working with American Republic Insurance Services.

American Republic Insurance Services is committed to helping you plan your life and health insurance needs in retirement.

This is an example for illustrative purposes.

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New research shows that people who transition to temporary or part-time work after retiring often experience better health.