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Planning for Your Family's Financial Security Means More than Life Insurance

A Texas husband and father wanted to make life a little easier for his wife and children in the event of his death.  He updated his will and attached a document detailing how he wanted to be buried, where he wanted any contributions to be made in his memory and how to disperse of his assets.  He was convinced he had done everything he needed, until he reviewed things with his American Republic Insurance Services representative.

The representative explained that although the life insurance he had purchased several years ago would provide funds for his wife and children, it may not provide those funds quickly enough to cover the cost of funeral arrangements.  The representative recommended supplementing his life coverage with a final expense plan to assure that funds would be sent overnight within 48 hours of a call to report a death.

No one wants to think about the inevitable, but no one wants to think of their family struggling financially, either.

Even if you have plenty of life insurance, your American Republic Insurance Services representative offers a solution that will supplement your existing coverage and provide your family with peace of mind during a very difficult time.

This is an example for illustrative purposes.

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A 65-year old couple who retires this year will need $215,000 to cover their retirement medical costs.
Source:  Fidelity Investments