Our Clients

Our Clients

Our clients come from different parts of the country, different income levels, different backgrounds and thus have different needs. Regardless of these differences, they share one common concern – protecting their retirement assets. The following stories illustrate the importance of understanding the impact of your decisions and the options available to you.

A no-cost option isn't always the right decision
Like a lot of people their age, an Iowa couple had their fair share of doctor's visits. Their Medicare supplement plan… read more

Making the right decision based on the right information
Having just watched a friend exhaust her retirement savings on long-term care for her husband, a woman in Colorado decided… read more

You get a good feeling knowing you made the right decision
A retiree in Kansas expected his insurance agent to mail the health insurance policy he recently purchased. He was pleasantly surprised when… read more

Planning for your family's financial security means more than life insurance.
A Texas husband and father wanted to make life a little easier for his wife and children in the event of his death. He updated his will and… read more

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Every day for the next two decades, roughly 10,000 individuals will turn 65.  The biggest wakeup call will be that when they retire, they will now be fully responsible for their healthcare expenses.
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