Getting Started

Getting Started

No one can predict the future, but if you fail to get the information you need to plan a secure retirement, life could be difficult. Getting advice from a health insurance specialist is critical to protecting all you have worked for. American Republic Insurance Services is ready to assist you in enhancing your financial security. We recommend contacting an American Republic Insurance Services representative three to six months prior to your 65th birthday.

Step 1: Find A Representative
Click here to be directed to an American Republic Insurance Services manager in your local community who will contact you to learn more about you. Based on your needs, the manager will have a representative who is best suited to your situation contact you.

Step 2: Schedule A Meeting
Set aside sufficient time to share your concerns and needs with your American Republic Insurance Services representative and to fully understand the risks you face in retirement. The meeting should be scheduled to include your significant other. Based on experience, these informational sessions require a minimum of one hour.

Step 3: Prepare For Meeting
To help prepare for this meeting, you should have a basic idea of your retirement income, healthcare records and current insurance policies. The following documents would be helpful:

  • A copy of your current medical insurance plan
  • A list of current prescription drugs which you are taking
  • A copy of your life insurance policies
  • A copy of your long-term care and other health insurance policies

Step 4: Meeting
Your American Republic Insurance Services representative will meet with you in your home. During the meeting, your representative will complete a personalized assessment and present tailored recommendations.

Step 5: Keep In Touch
Your representative will contact you on a periodic basis to make certain the recommended program is meeting your needs. We encourage you to contact your representative in the event of changes that may warrant a review of your life and health insurance program.

Get started today by contacting a representative in your community.

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Research shows that the best approach to remaining healthy in retirement is a holistic one that involves mind, body, and spirit.