American Republic Insurance Services has compiled the following resources that provide you with information on planning for a secure financial future.


Using Your HSA as a Retirement Investment Vehicle

You Can Work and Get Social Security at the Same Time

Protecting from Financial Elder Abuse

Government Agencies

Social Security Administration
The Official Website of the U.S. Social Security Administration

Medicare is the official site for the government's Medicare program.


Understanding Medicare
This brochure provides a clear understanding of what Medicare does and does
not cover, including an easy-to-read chart that illustrates what healthcare costs
you would be responsible for paying, in full or in part.

Be Informed. Be Smart. Be Secure.  
This brochure provides compelling reasons and stories about the philosophy
and practices of American Republic Insurance Services and its representatives
in meeting your life and health insurance needs in retirement.

WR 9005-1


Find a Representative
in your community
Research shows that the best approach to remaining healthy in retirement is a holistic one that involves mind, body, and spirit.