The Retirement Market

Retirement Marketplace

Every eight seconds another baby boomer turns 60.1 Each of these boomers is in need of someone to help them plan for their future.

With its multiple parts and many choices, Medicare can be complicated and confusing. The only thing clear is Medicare does not provide comprehensive financial protection against health-related expenses. As a result, the growing number of baby boomers planning for retirement need the guidance of a trained life and health insurance specialist to help ensure their financial security.

This is an exciting opportunity which American Republic Insurance Services will help you capitalize upon, with:

  • Business development tools, sales, and product training programs
  • Access to multiple product solutions to help protect your clients' financial assets
  • World-class marketing, training and technology support from a responsive home office staff

Through American Republic Insurance Services you will:

  • Work one-on-one with your clients to help them assess the financial risks they
    face in retirement
  • Introduce them to product solutions from multiple companies to provide the
    protection they need
  • Tailor product solutions that best fit their financial needs

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Among people 65 and older, about 5 percent managed to get through the year without seeing a doctor, going to an emergency room, or having a healthcare professional treat them at home.
Source:  U.S. News & World Report