Making The Right Decision Based on The Right Information

Having just watched a friend exhaust her retirement savings on long-term care for her husband, a woman in Colorado decided it was time to protect her savings from a similar fate. Long-term care insurance seemed like the right decision.

Although she was well aware of the advantages of long-term care insurance, she had always considered it beyond her budget. After visiting with a representative of American Republic Insurance Services, she learned that simply was not the case.

The representative explained there are several ways to customize long-term care policies to meet her monthly budget requirements. She adopted some of his suggestions and is now enjoying protection at a monthly premium that fits her needs.

There are several ways to protect your savings from the cost of skilled nursing, an assisted living facility or a nursing home. Your American Republic Insurance Services representative will help you understand your options when considering long-term care.

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While some retirees feel their health has improved since leaving the workforce, nearly one in five (18 percent) say they have dealt with unexpected health issues.
Source:  PR Newswire